Colour is energy made visible.
Be unafraid, embrace and enjoy colour.
Bespoke contemporary spaces that will dazzle your senses.
Be part of a chic narrative that lives the colour.
Invigorating handcrafted accents that will capture your imagination.
Sensual product lines that will keep you coming back for more.
– Smitha Zachariah
(Creative Head)

Retail Interiors is never an easy task, especially if you are designing a space for lighting. It needs one to understand the brand, the ethos and then understand the customer and how they buy. The brief was challenging on many levels, the brand Oorjaa was new and was looking at creating a retail look keeping in mind the brand ethos that it could use at other spaces, we were renovating inside a functional space hence we had to keep in mind choice of materials and noise levels, and like all briefs, it ended with a fairly tight budget controlled by me personally.

Smitha delivered on every count and went a lot beyond the brief to understand the brand and then to work with the branding team in detailing the space. Her commitment to the project and dedication is truly what puts her in the league of extraordinary designers, and this comes from someone who work with architects and interior designers on an everyday basis.


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Smitha has been instrumental in putting together our dream home with the right mix of colours and textures that we wanted. We loved the attention to detail that she devoted to the soft furnishings aspect leaving no stone unturned. The entire journey from the start of the project till the end of it saw us going great lengths through various shops, exhibitions, vendors, retailers (and in different cities too at times !!) just so that we “loved whole heartedly” what we were buying and didn’t have to compromise in terms of the look or the feel of what we exactly had in mind. It was a very interesting journey indeed. She doesn’t settle for anything “good” but in her own words “it needs to be spectacular !!”. She has a keen sense of anticipating what her clients need so that the end result is exactly what one envisions.

We want to wish her the best for all her future endeavours and thank her once again for bringing our dream home alive in the way that only she could have visualised. We have gained both a warm home and a warm friend for life.


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Thank you ZachariahxPiers for executing our home beyond our imagination & expectation. We definitely knew we wanted something different but were not sure how to go about it, you helped us bring our dream home to a reality. Your eye for detail, your commitment, dedication and not to forget your follow up visits are all commendable.

Thank you for helping us live our dream and of course LIVE THE COLOUR.


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